What Makes Magic Travels DMC Unique & Different?

Oman Desert Camping

Sarah Tennant, Managing Director of STAR Your World had the opportunity to speak with Tarek Farouk Tantawi from Magic Travels DMC for a Q&A session to discuss what makes Magic Travels unique & different for destinations in the UAE.

This is what Tarek had to say.

What makes Magic Travels unique and different?

Like the world around us, travel is changing. As possibilities for global exploration open back up, people are increasingly keen to experience new destinations in a way that feels personalised to them. We combine traditional travel with luxury to provide holistic solutions for clients. We support them with their requirements, but we also brainstorm with them and share advice on locations they might not be familiar with. We have a strong portfolio of destinations, and an expert team who can provide a truly unique experience for visitors. 

Why have you partnered with STAR Your World?

We believe in finding the right partnership to launch any new project. Since joining up with STAR your World, Sarah’s team has added huge value to our offering. They have excellent insight into what the UK market is looking for, and we are excited to expand our offering to the event planners based there. 

What’s important to you about the UK market?

For a long time the UK market has been top of our wish list. All Magic destinations are popular within the region due to their exciting tourist attractions and direct access. However, we want to use our credentials to show exactly what we can bring to visitors from other parts of the world. Each destination we represent is ideal for luxury events, something that’s key for the UK market. They are all accessible from Britain, with direct flights from different cities. We want to help UK companies to incorporate local culture with their overall philosophy, to deliver the best events possible.

Are you optimistic about the future of travel? (Increased enquiries, confidence etc…)

Since the start of the pandemic, I’ve remained optimistic about the future of travel. Incentive travel might be on pause, but it will never stop and is likely to come back stronger than ever. After a series of lockdowns people are keener to explore the world, and seem more than happy to comply with safety restrictions. We are now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, with lots of promising requests coming through. We’re very flexible, and have worked hard during this period to adapt our services accordingly. 

What provisions do have in place post lockdowns to keep guests safe?

We are providing the highest health and safety standards for our guests, and closely following the protocols of local governments. We’re running at reduced capacity, with masks and hand gels available on all vehicles we travel in. We’re ensuring distancing at events and dinners, as well as PCR testing for guests. Our team will be fully vaccinated by the end of summer to help ensure the safety of visitors. We’re also offering insurance in case of further lockdowns, so that anyone who books can get a full refund if needed.

What are Magic Camps and why did you create them?

We launched the MAGIC CAMPS brand to offer something different for our clients. The camps are semi-permanent, eco-friendly accommodation sites in the heart of the desert in Oman and the UAE. Available from September to April, they offer high-quality services and a design that’s never been seen in the region before. Each luxury tent is equipped with all the necessary comforts, as well as battery operated electricity. They come with an ensuite bathroom and hot water that’s delivered when the client wants it. The objective is to offer a unique stay with amazing service while respecting the local environment. We’ve also introduced activities at the camps, so that people can get the real desert life experience. The tents are all furnished with local designs, and events can be customised to different group sizes. 

How important is sustainability to your brand and what are you doing to help travellers to be more eco-conscious

We believe that as travellers, we have a responsibility to protect and preserve the environments where we operate. This philosophy is supported by our clients, and we are committed to growing our business sustainably and responsibly. In addition to our eco-friendly Magic camps we’ve launched a new brand called BEYOND, dedicated to green adventure travel. As more consumers seek sustainable options, many people want to avoid the tourist hotspots and visit places that are more remote. People are looking for new experiences, knowledge and skills, as well as interesting adventures. We can support them in getting to know the culture and specific local features of our destinations, to provide something far beyond the typical tourist experience. 

Tarek Farouk Tantawi

Global MICE Manager

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