Switzerland is one of the most beautiful and well organized countries in the world, and famous for its snow peaked mountains, watches and delicious chocolate. Located in Central Europe and with great accessibility over land, by rail and air, it`s the perfect place for a weekend break, incentive trip or luxury holiday. With its beautiful nature and stunning views, the metropolitan towns Zurich and Geneva, and the many typical Alpine villages decorated with flowers on the wooden balconies, it`s a fantastic option for both nature and city lovers.

Switzerland stands for quality and excellence in all senses and all over the country. What many people don`t know about, is the variety of cultural aspects, languages and landscapes this country has to offer. Although Switzerland is a relatively small country with only 41.000 square km and approximately 8,5 million inhabitants, it is divided in 26 political regions, the so called cantons, and each canton has its own rich history, traditions and language. In the centre and north of the country, the German speaking part, greater cities such and Zurich, Basel and St. Gallen can be found – great places for events, business meetings and incentive trips. With Switzerland`s biggest airport in this area, its accessibility is great and many business travelers in the banking, insurance and pharmaceutical industry, find their way to Zurich and Basel for corporate events and meetings. With the snow mountains of Switzerland at only a 1,5 hours drive away, these events are very well combinable with leisure or teambuilding trips.

In the western part of Switzerland, where Geneva is the main city and the second biggest airport is located, the main language is French. The landscape in the so called Romandy changes rapidly, and this is a great area for wine lovers, luxury ski resorts, sunny rivieras and traditional steam boats on Lac Leman – the Lake of Geneva. With the Mont Blanc Mountain very close, and home to the town where the lyrics of Queens` Heaven to Everyone were written, this area is a guarantee for great views, lazy summer strolls and excellent wine and dine.

In the south of Switzerland, the so called canton of Ticino, the main language is Italian. After crossing Europe`s largest tunnel, the famous Gotthard Tunnel, you enter a completely different world. Every mile in this area breaths Mediterranean style – it`s the Dolce Vita at a two hours drive away from Zurich. The vegetation changes to olive trees and palm trees, for breakfast a delicious cappuccino is served, and the temperatures are mild all year long. Ticino is the Mediterranean pearl in our backyard, reachable easily by car and train, and with the airports of Milano Malpensa an Milano Linate at just an hour drive away.

Last but not least, we have the rustic canton of Graubünden, with the imponent mountains, many rural villages, and luxury resorts for skiing and relaxing, such as St. Moritz and Davos – where the World Economic Forum takes place every year in January.

Switzerland as a country focuses highly on sustainable tourism. We aim to preserve our beautiful nature, with the spectacular mountains, green valleys, wild gorges and natural parks. Switzerland has a very good developed railway system, which grants access to almost any part of the country at any time of the day. We offer a selection of tours to give something back to our community, and which cause you as a traveller a feel good vibe. Enjoy a workshop urban gardening and learn all about different seeds, plants and herbs, and discover how to use and treat them well; be a farmer for one day and help with milking the cows, cheese- and haymaking; go volunteering in the Swiss Mountains with your team and help the farmers secure their existence, and give your employees an unforgettable teambuilding experience; enjoy a food waste cooking experience – learn how to make something delicious from leftovers and never waste food again. 


But there is so much more to discover… Apart from the traditional tours and trips to mountains, lakes and medieval towns, we offer personalized and of-the-grid experiences for those who want to visit Switzerland in a different way.

We show you the highlights, but with a personal touch and with insider tips only locals can provide.

  • What about a helicopter flight over the Swiss Alps with landing on a Glacier, where you can enjoy a fresh aperitif with stunning views
  • Being a chocolatier for one day decorating your own freshly produced chocolate
  • Enjoying a historic train ride in one of the oldest and steepest cogwheel trains in the world?

Our destination planners will design your trip the way you want it. Most of our tours are tailor-made, which allows us to adapt entirely to your interests, needs, wishes, and budget. We design, you enjoy.

A great journey begins here. Simple as that.


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