Reach for the STARS

Have you ever wanted to make that change but feel stuck?
Life’s challenges got in the way and delayed your goals?
New Year’s resolutions gone out the window?
Do you look at the people around you and admire their success?
Simply keep moving forward it doesn’t matter how long it takes you to achieve your goal so long as you get there in the end.

Let me share with you a few highlights of my own personal journey.

Following many years in the events industry after much success, learning and hard work I had an ambition to set up my own business. I was surrounded by successful friends and family, and the more time I spent with them the more I became of the same positive mind set. And of course not forgetting the valuable insights gained over copious amounts of champagne! But these are the best friends to have, right?

When you believe in yourself it is a powerful force which attracts positive energies and in turn opens up great opportunities. There have been a few light bulb moments along the way that made me think about my future.

Whilst we are always learning I recall a valuable moment and comment from a CEO at a job interview she said to me “Sarah Tennant you are your own brand” after the meeting this comment stuck with me and confirmed that we really are our own professional identity.

Did you know that fifty percent of people are more likely to achieve their goals when written down?

A few years ago I attended the C&IT Corporate forum where I was fortunate to join a very inspirational content session hosted by Fay Sharpe, VP EMEA Communications, CSR & Engagement BCD Meetings & Events. “I want to be a Millionaire” was the presentation prompt. Fay quickly had the attention of the whole room as she talked about her success of Zibrant – now BCD Meetings & Events – how creating a strong brand with core values is crucial to any business. We also learned about Fay’s charitable work, family life and so much more …

The session concluded with Fay asking everyone to take the green envelope provided, open it and complete with their ultimate goal. I returned to my office with the envelope/goal which read “To start my own business” I looked at it occasionally and of course it went back in the drawer.

I have great pride and thanks that I could return the envelope to Fay and confirm I did it – I fulfilled my goal and here it is written down.

Fay comments “Sarah called me a few months ago and we met up for lunch, she reminded me of my Presentation she had attended. It was incredible to hear that after a few years she had brought her dream to life and started her own business. For me hearing this from Sarah was so rewarding, and I was delighted that she had followed up, made a business plan and made it happen! .. It makes all the work I do worthwhile, and validates many of the things I talk about (write goals down, believe in yourself, don’t give up!) I am sure she will go from strength to strength, I’m looking forward to hearing more about this next chapter of her success

What we would like to know is what happened to all the other green envelopes and goals from the forum?

I have learned there is never a right time, you have to take a leap of faith, aim high and simply reach for the stars.  

Thank you for taking the time read my first blog,

Sarah Tennant, Founder & Director, STAR Your World Ltd Sales Representation




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