Evoking Dubai and Abu Dhabi makes us first think about their extravagant architectural projects and their excessiveness. The United Arab Emirates are always on the move and they have bet their future on tourism industry by becoming a global air hub. This is how Dubai grew from a small fishing village to the busiest destination in the Middle East, and how Abu Dhabi shines today with its cultural offer and its innovations on the theme of sustainable development.

Dubai is the perfect destination for incentive travel with its giant buildings, its amazing shopping places and the most impressive hotels! But the emirate is also a wonderful playground: from desert safaris to seaside activities, cruises and astonishing shows, it is the capital city of entertainment and experience.

Thanks to its excellent services and outstanding assets, Abu Dhabi has become a leading incentive destination. A high level of safety, resilient infrastructure, sublime natural islands, a rich culture… All this comes along a wide range of activities, unique places for venues – Louvre Abu Dhabi, the Grand Mosque, Yas Marina Circuit – and a giant desert: no doubt, this is the place for experiential incentive events! Judicious, sustained investment in product and expertise enabled Abu Dhabi to become one of the most exciting emerging destinations in the world today!



You are invited to have a gala dinner in a brilliant and one of the best locations in Dubai, which is the Pavilion at Armani hotel at Burj Khalifa’s foot. This location, will give you the opportunity to attend the beautiful water fountains show in Dubai which is the most beautiful and the largest in the world. Fountains Illuminated by 6,600 lights, 25 projectors and project the water to 275 Meters, are choreographed and accompanied by classical, contemporary and Arabic music. Elegant set up will be provided for your group.


The experienced safari drivers will take you away from the busy city to the naturally landscaped dunes. The adventure begins as your driver takes you up and down the golden sand dunes in a modern 4×4. During the exhilarating dune bashing accelerate towards the crest of the dune before venturing over the edge and sliding down into the valley. The adventurous drive takes you to the top of a dune for spectacular sunset views over the endless desert scenery. Then, you will have time to relax in a cosy Bedouin camp were you will be welcomed by the Arabian hospitality. Savour a delicious barbeque dinner while enjoying Arabian performances Other Arabian highlights such as shisha, henna tattooing and camel riding.


Enjoy the dinner on the circuit where the grand prix take place, the whole track will be yours. Feel the speed while enjoying a dinner prepared by 5* caterer and a lot of entertainment to add joy to your private dinner


The Louvre museum provides insights into the evolution of Arts in various cultures & civilizations and the long history of humanity. It will be a most worthwhile experience for both art, culture lovers and history buffs. Originally established to bring different aspects of Eastern and Western arts together, this unique museum is the largest in the Gulf region. Once inside the museum, walk through the promenades. Admire the massive dome consisting of 8 layers of interlocking steel and aluminium, creating a pattern of more than 7,800 stars. As sunlight filters through these patterns, be amazed by the moving light beneath the dome.



The desert of the UAE is the fifth largest desert in the world and occupies 80% of the land.  Unfortunately, some visitors leave their rubbish and plastic bottles after camping making some part of the desert very dusty and miserable, in order to protect the natural heritage, we organize for groups who are willing to participate in  a corporate responsible activity to clean the desert by remove tones of plastic and send to one of the recycling organizations. 


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