Sustainable Events

Corporate Social Responsibility

The term sustainability is used to indicate programs, initiatives and actions aimed at the preservation of a particular resource. However, it refers to distinct areas of human, social, economic and environmental. Sowing the seed for sustainability with CSR activities for your events in our great portfolio of destinations.

DMC in Morocco

Berber Team Building in Morocco

Experience a day in the life of a Berber & Skip the hustle and bustle of big cities to live the simple lifestyle in the backcountry, go hunting, learn to cook, make rugs and help with herding the land.

CRS Events - Greece

Improving Ecotourism in Greece

Groups are involved in a series of tasks to improve ecotourism, including the cleaning and marking of hiking trails, planting of shrubs and plants, thus improving the reforestation of the area.

CRS Events in UAE

Cleaning the Desert in the UAE

In order to protect the natural heritage, we organise for groups who are willing to clean the desert by removing tones of plastic and send it to one of the recycling organisations.

CSR Events in Portugal

Making Children's Toys in Portugal

Participants can leave "Business" behind for a day and add their own creative mark on toys. Those toys will be given to one of several children's charities and nurseries.

CRS Events in Ibiza

Cleaning Beaches in the Balearic Islands

Team activities, include, cleaning the coastline, beaches and the sea using kayaks to remove harmful plastics and cigarette butts that spoil the natural environment.

Magic camps in Oman and Jordan

Magic Camps in UAE & Oman

Are you looking for a fun, exciting and sustainable way to accommodate and entertain your team, clients or suppliers? What about overnight desert camping in Eco-friendly, sustainable and luxurious camps in the UAE & Oman.

Sustainable Events with STAR Your World

STAR Your World is committed to making sustainable commitments as sustainability becomes more part of everyday life. 

Our commitment to sustainability requires that we engage our associate partners in the move toward more sustainable business practices. This requires analysis of suppliers’ current social, environmental, and economic impacts. 

Some of the steps we take:

  1. Reducing paper waste
  2. Recycling more
  3. Reducing energy consumption 
  4. Promoting telecommuting
  5. Choose environmentally friendly packaging,  labelling and corporate gifts
  6. Resell and donate items
  7. Reducing food waste within the local community
  8. Save energy and water 


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