DMC International Events Travel Survey Results

DMC International Events Travel Survey Results 2021

Thank you to the events professionals both agency and corporate that completed the international event travel survey. We value the input and have compiled the disclosure of results as follows:

Findings conclude that clients advise they expect that virtual technology will remain a common feature in events with hybrid options being included with large global events to minimise excessive travel, increase accessibility and reduce costs.
Increased personalisation, less structured programmes, shorter durations, increased focus on sustainability, conservation and identity issues. Focus on authentic experiences. Massive focus on contractual terms early in the decision making process
Social distancing measures in programmes. More private hires, exclusive use etc..
Yes Countries that do not have have a convincing Vaccination record will not be considered for large events   !!
Less developed countries where sanitation might not be so stringent.
The vaccine and entry requirements will have an impact.
Will be determined by the numbers of COVID and how well the destinations recovers and how they control the virus
The Countries that have not managed it well
Possibly, and this will relate to how these countries have managed the spread of the virus and vaccine roll out
Not once vaccines has been distributed
Really hard to tell at the moment but I do believe that only countries with high vaccination levels will be favoured.
The Middle East  will be popular due to its good record in dealing with the pandemic, and travel restrictions being eased already.  I think the US will be out for a while to come yet until they get control of their numbers.
Possibly the USA due to being the most effected and still not under control with Covid

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